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АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ДЛЯ ПУТЕШЕСТВИЙ ВСЕГДА ПРИГОДИТСЯ. Выучить его не так трудно, как кажется.  Особенно с нашей подборкой! МИНИ собрали для тебя самые полезные слова для туристов. С ними ты точно не пропадешь в чужой стране! 🙂



Airport (Аэропорт): I went to the airport to catch a flight to San Francisco.

Check-in (Паспортный Контроль): Make sure to get to the airport two hours early to check-in.

Fly (Полет): I like to fly on the same airlines to get milage points.

Land (Приземляться): The airplane will land in two hours.

Landing (Приземление): The landing took place during a storm. It was very scary!

Plane (Самолет): The plane is packed with 300 passengers.

Take off (Вылет): The airplane is scheduled to take off at 3:30.


Наземный транспорт

Bicycle (Велосипед): One of the best ways to see the countryside is to ride a bicycle.

Bike (Велосипед): We rode a bike from shop to shop.

Bus (Автобус): You can catch a bus for Seattle at the bus station.

Bus station (Автобусная остановка): The bus station is three blocks from here.

Car (Машина): You might want to rent a car when you go on vacation.

Freeway (Автострада, скоростное шоссе): We’ll have to take the freeway to Los Angeles.

Highway (Шоссе): The highway between the two cities is quite lovely.

Rail (Железная дорога): Have you ever traveled by rail?

Main road (Главная дорога): Take the main road into town and turn left at 5th street.

Taxi (Такси): I got in a taxi and went to the train station.

Traffic (Транспортный поток, пробка): There’s a lot of traffic today on the road!

Train (Поезд): I like riding on trains. It’s a very relaxing way to travel.

Tube (Метро, подземка): You can take the tube in London.

Underground (Метро): You can take the underground in many cities throughout Europe.

Subway (Метро): You can take the subway in New York.


Английский для путешествий MINYblog МИНИблог


На отдыхе

Camp (Поход с палаткой): Do you like to camp in the woods?

Destination (Место назначения): What is your final destination?

Excursion (Экскурсия): I’d like to take an excursion to the wine country while we’re in Tuscany.

Go sightseeing (Ходить на экскурсии): Did you go sightseeing while you were in France?

Hostel (Хостел): Staying in a youth hostel is a great way to save money on vacation.

Hotel (Отель): I’ll book a hotel for two nights.

Luggage (Багаж): Can you carry the luggage upstairs?

Package holiday («Всё включено»): I prefer to buy package holidays, so I don’t have to worry about anything.

Passenger (Пассажир): The passenger felt ill during the voyage.

Route (Путь): Our route will take us through Germany and on to Poland.

Tourism (Туризм): Tourism is becoming an important industry in almost every country.

Tourist (Турист): Every May many tourists from around the world come to see the flower festival.

Travel agent (Туристический агент): The travel agent found us a great deal.

Trip (Поездка): The trip to New York was lovely and interesting.

Vacation (Отдых): I’d love to take a nice long vacation on the beach.


На море

Boat (Лодка): Have you ever piloted a boat?

Cruise (Круиз): We will stop at three destinations during our cruise through the Mediterranean.

Cruise-ship (Круизный лайнер): It’s the most elegant cruise-ship in the world!

Ferry (Паром): Ferries allow passengers to take their cars with them to the destination.

Ocean (Океан): The Atlantic Ocean takes four days to cross.

Port (Порт): There are all kinds of commercial ships in the port.

Sailboat (Парусник, яхта): The sailboat requires nothing but the wind.

Sea (Море): The sea is very calm today.

Set sail (Поднять паруса, отправиться): We set sail for the exotic island.

Ship (Корабль): Have you ever been a passenger on a ship?


П.С. если будешь делиться с друзьями, не забудь им рассказать про нашу популярную и очень полезную рубрику МИНИинглиш😉


Английский для путешествий: рубрика МИНИинглиш

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